Our Founder Gensei Shonin

瑞光寺 Zuikoh-Ji temple founded in 1655 by the priest Gensei Wajyo 元政和尚.  Gnesei 元政 was born inHikone  彦根 in 1622.   His family was soldier family.  When he was 13 years old, he read a lot of books.   And he studied word and Japanese and Chinese classics.   His around person admire to his smart.


     Although he was 19 years old, He went to 江戸 –Edo- with his master, he returned to Kyoto because he got disease.  After returning to Kyoto, he worship to 妙泉寺 –Myōsenji- temple where is 泉州 –Sensyu- in Osaka prefecture.  When he watched Statue of Nichiren 日蓮, He built three vows.

     One of vow is I should become a priest. Two of vow is I should take care to my parents.   Three of vow is I should read big Three part of Tendai -Tendai Sandaibu- –天台三大部-.   When he was 26 years old, he shaved his hair and then He decided my master is No.14th Priest in charge of 妙顕寺–Myōkenji-.  And He continued to be studied from his master.

     When he was 33 years old, his master moved to Ikegami Honmon-Ji 池上本門寺.  So, He moved to this place.   And then he built this temple called Shōsinan -称心庵-.   Shōsinan 称心庵 means the place of calling heart.   Person who follow his pleasant and smart continue gathering to this place, and then chanting voice was crowded at this place.   And then He wrote down the way of Green Mountain called Sōzanyōro -早山要路- for his disciples.    This book explains the guiding of practice and study, important of becoming priest.  He explained guide for seeker after truth by this book.

At this year, He invited his parents after built Yojyu-An 養寿庵 near this temple.   And then He took care of his parents through his filial heart toward them. His taking care is famous in Japan.

  When he was 36 years old, his father passed away. Then at next year, he worshiped to Mt. Minobu 身延山 and Ikegami 池上 with his mother. Then he laid his father's ashes in the grave of Mt. Minobu 身延山.

And he wrote down diary of the way of Mt. Minobu 身延山 called Minobu Mitinoki 身延道之記. This diary is famous diary in Japan also.

At 1661, he built this hall. And then he decided name of Zuikoh-Ji 瑞光寺. And then he enshrined a statue of Buddha in the main hall of this temple.  This Buddha has the internal organs and the bowels.

At 7 years later, his mother whose age of 87 years old passed away.

His mother and father could live until 87 years old.  So he could take care of them through his filial heart toward them. his three vow that built when he was young age accomplished his purpose.

At next year, He got sickness again. And then he passed away at 46 years old.   His disciples built his grave with three bamboos by following his last word. Three bamboos have meaning.  One of bamboo means for spreading lotus sutra around world. Two of bamboo means for protecting human beings. Three of bamboo means for his parents.   He said if future’s minister of this temple would not be able to eat, please plow my grave.  元政上人 is always thinking about his parents and around he.  It is nothing to say that his human life was surely Bodhisattva’s life. The history of this temple is such a things.

And then temple has many treasures of  Gensei Shonin 元政上人 like this because he was poet and calligrapher and master of tea ceremony. Then next month, there is 元政上人報恩法要 法華懺法会 Gensei Shonin Memorial ceremony with Hokke Senbo and his exhibition in March 18th every year.  This 法華懺法会 ceremony is confessing to our daily bad karma.   This ceremony officiates only by 声明師 because this ceremony is consisted almost by very difficult Shomyo 声明.  

In Buddhism, At first you should be considerate your parents, second is that No worry from parents, third is that you should have the parent rejoice.  

Nichiren Shonin explain in 開目抄 this:

“To be filial (孝) means to be high (高); heaven is high but not at all higher than being filial.   To be filial (孝) also means to be deep (厚); the earth is deep but not any deeper than being filial.   Both sages and wise men come from filial families.”