Nichiren-shu portal Site

Nichiren-shu Shumuin 1-32-15 Ikegami Ohta-Ku Tokyo-to,TOKYO JAPAN

  Nichiren Buddhist International Center
  29490 Mission Boulevard

  Hayward, California 94544


Japanese Temple


Ikegami Honmon-JI Temple

This temple is Nichiren Daishonin's Nirvana place.

Hawaii Overseas Missionary


Nichiren Mission of Hawaii

This Mission is main mission in Hawaii

33 Pulelehua Way Honolulu, Hawaii 9681

Hilo Nichiren Mission

This Mission is in Hawaii, Hawaii 'big' island.

Other Group and Cercle


Kyoto Gagaku Group Otonowakai

This group consist by many religion person.

We spread Gagaku music as Buddhist music.

Komaruya Sumii Web page

Uchiwa Japanese fans, established in Kyoto 1624


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